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Nassanga Florence is one of the initiators of the Sct. Olivia School.

Her family have had a friendship the chairperson of Sct. Olviaskolens Venner through many years. It came by during a working period of the chairperson when she was working as a Development Volounteer i Uganda.
When some of the later founders of 'Sct. Oliviaskolens Venner' visited the school in 1997 they became very impressed by the visions behind the project and impressed by the industriousness, unity and enthusiasm with the parties behind the project.
This was in the early days of the project. Later visits from Denmark, as late as February 2013, has confirmed this excellent development.
Nassanga Florence and Leonard Byenkya had a daughter who died 23rd of January 1986 only six months old. The daughters name was Olivia and the school got its name after the daughter at its creation on the 12th of February 1996.
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