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The Sct. Olivia School students are doing well
The School system in Uganda can in the lower grades be divided into Primary and Secondary Schools, roughly. When children leaves Primary School after 7th grade they'll have to attend a final exam which desides whether they can continue in 8th grade on a Secondary school.
They are tested in four subjects: English, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. After combining and adding the results of the tests the value indicates a performance and the student is categorised by the number. The categorisation goes from 1 to 6 where 1 is best.
Since 2004 the Sct. Olivia School has been putting 7th grade students forward to Primary Leaving Examination. Through all the years the students has been in the top part of the scale. None of the students from Sct. Olivia School has ever been performing under category 3.
The Uganda National Examination Board announced 7th of January 2009 that the Sct. Olivia School have had 32 students enrolled in the final exam in November 2008. It was 16 girls and 16 boys.
Two students ended in category 1, 29 in category 2 and a single student in category 3. This has been a typical image for the Sct. Olivia School graduates since 2004 when the school led its students up to the final exam for the first time.
In November 2009 Sct. Olivia School had 28 students enrolled in the final exam. 14 girls and 14 boys. Six students passed in category 1, and 22 in category 2. So far the best result for the school.
In November 2010 Sct. Olivia School had 27 students enrolled in the final exam. 15 boys and 12 girls. Eight passed in category 1, and 19 in category 2. Well done!
In November 2011 Sct. Olivia School had 32 students enrolled for the final exams - 16  girls and 16 boys. Three passed in category 1, and 29 in category 2. All have joined good secondary schools.
In November 2012 Sct. Olivia School enrolled 22 student for the final exams. 11 passed in category 1, and 11 in category 2.
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